Everybody hates having acne right? Who in their right mind delights in having a zit on important occasions? The joke goes “One can’t face his/her problem if the problem is his/her face”. With the current innovations in medicine one would think that there is already a sure way to eliminate pimples right? Well that is not the case. For acne is a difficult thing to handle both figuratively and literally. The problem is that our skin will react differently to other people’s skin when given a treatment so there is no one true solution, a one-cures-all medicine. Then along comes Maca.

Maca promotes balance of hormone production in both male and female. Maca may be similar to the effect chinese ginseng provides in balancing hormones. Because of the alkaloids, glucosinolate and phytohormone content of maca, physicians thinks of maca as a natural stimulus for the hypothalamus gland and the pituitary gland which then stimulates the thyroid, pancreas, reproductive glands to produce hormones that are needed to facilitate equilibrium in the human body.Maca Powder For Acne Treatment

  • Does Maca Help Cure Acne?
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In instances where the sprouting of pimples is related to hormonal imbalance, maca would be an effective all natural remedy. Maca has the advantage to other similar anti-acne drugs because it is much easier for the body to utilize this is because of it being all natural.

Maca Alone may not totally eliminate pimples. It is through the proper combinations of maca intake, healthy diet, proper rest, proper sanitation, exercise and clean living that acne is cured.

  • How To Take Maca

When you do use maca you should start with only a small dosage and then gradually increase. Maca works very quickly so if you take too much you may make your condition worse. For most people of average body build, start with a teaspoon of maca powder daily. When you grow accustomed to that dosage you can increase to 1.5 teaspoons. You can safely increase your dosage up to 3 teaspoons a day as long as you are comfortable.

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